And I Feel Strong Too

On June 2, 2013, I wrote: And I Feel Strong. In it, I summarized some of the upcoming astrology and included the following aggregate chart:

Cancer 2013Today is the other end of that discussion. Yes, there is more Astrology to experience. But today, the two Grand Trines shown here are exact. And at about 9:00 am CDT, the moon was conjunct the North Node of the moon and thus emphasized that corner of the light blue Trine. This also means that we are one half of a lunar month from the Grand Sextile on 7/29/2013. The moon will travel half the Zodiac to get us there.

In looking back, I feel so much stronger now than I did in June. And I simultaneously relate to a woman about to give birth. In less than a week, you’ll know why.

Go back and (re)read And I Feel Strong and then tell me if you, in fact, feel strong!


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