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The Law of Attraction, in Abraham and Esther’s words, says “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” That means every person I meet is reflecting some aspect of me back to me. We share a (pattern of) thought, or an emotion, or a vibration, or a desire.

It then occurred to me today that I get to choose how I look at each person I meet or interact with.

If someone reflects back my pain, I get to look upon them with compassion, which is then the very same as having compassion for myself.

When someone reflects back my confusion or frustration, I can remind myself that first there is not knowing, and then there is knowing. We are all somewhere in between not knowing and knowing on all subjects. Sometimes we get to teach (remind), and other times we get to learn (remember).

An impatient person might be there to remind me that I can be more patient—with myself, with the unfolding of my life, and with anyone and everyone.

When a stranger smiles at me, he or she is carrying my smile back to me…and often, it sprouts right then and there on my face even before I know what happened.

You cannot embrace a person without also feeling them pressing up against you. When you press your lips against another’s cheek, you feel their skin tickling you at the same time.

A Facebook quip I just saw said, “A candle loses nothing when it lights another candle.” And I immediately then though, but a candle can only pass on light that it itself holds.

Furthermore, a lit candle cannot retain its light; it cannot hide its light; it cannot keep its light just for itself. A candle that is lit has no choice but to shine that light upon any that looks upon it.

Unlike a candle, there is a part of us that is always lit. In some moments, we may not see it; and might not show it; but it is always there deep inside of us. Every living being and every piece of material has light within it. Just ask the physicist and the chemist.

More and more, when I feel unlit, I remind myself that everything around me is spewing light. I need only open my eyes to catch it. I can feel it when it strikes my skin, and I can stoke it into a flame so bright, others will notice…if their eyes are open.


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