Love is Blind

The Astronomy/Astrology of 2012 is a gift that keeps on giving. This morning, I woke before dawn again and ventured out to observe one of the two alignments that are occurring simultaneously. This is what I saw:

What I didn’t realize is the exactness of the pending conjunction. Today, at 3:52 CDT, the Moon will precisely occult Venus lasting for a full hour. Here in the US, it will happen during our daylight hours, and thus will be difficult to see due to all of the sunlight. However, parts of Asia (China for example) will get to see the occultation in the dark. This is what it’ll look like just before it starts:

And right after it finishes:

I call this post Love is Blind because this occultation takes place in Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer and is thus in control. On top of that, the Moon will hide Venus for a full hour.

Maybe this is just what we need. Sometimes, we are fooled too much by our physical senses. We see things inaccurately, and this can affect our expression of love. Venus, ruler of attraction and beauty is a part of that seeing. Many times, human forms of love start with attraction – physical attraction or other wise. We can fall for someone because of their looks, their wit, the sound of their voice, and/or the way they move. This level of seeing has purpose. It motivates us. It suggests chemical compatibility.

Yet, when we see beyond the illusion, we can love blindly. We can love without cause or reason. We can love simply because it is our nature – our true nature to do so. Loving blindly is loving unconditionally.

So today, I for one am going to take a moment to set my intention. I’m going to try and witness the occultation with my eyes, but will nonetheless tune in with my spirit. The request I am sending is help letting go of those fears that keep me from loving and/or expressing my love. How often do we fear saying or showing our love?

Cancer is Cardinal Water. It’s nature is to express emotion without hesitation – without thought – without consideration. Our feelings are authentic even if the cause of them are misunderstandings. When we are authentic, we express how we feel the moment we feel it. It takes a lot of bravery to live this way. It takes a lot of effort to not live this way. It’s no wonder we get so tired holding it all in and carrying it around.

Now, simply because the world is in balance, let’s look at the other side of the sky and the other part of the day. This evening, we get the next snapshot of Mars threading the needle between Spica and Saturn. This is what it’ll look like:

While the Venus-Moon-Jupiter display nurtures our yin, feminine, feeling side, The Saturn-Mars-Spica display stimulates our yang, masculine, action side. How interesting that in both cases we have three lights forming a line! No more triangles. The directions are now clear. We know exactly where we’re to go and how to get there.

And yet, knowing in which direction to go is only the first part. The next part is taking that first step, and the third part is staying present: one, two, three. That sounds like a formula for success along any journey, don’t you think?

And where does that journey lead? Today, if you look at an Astrological chart, you might notice something. One half of the Zodiac is in prograde (moving forward), and the other half is retrograde (moving backward). That means all of the objects in the chart are moving toward a single point, toward a single sign. The sign is Scorpio: Fixed Water and ruler of transformation. Scorpio, as a water sign, is technically feminine, yet with Pluto as ruler (and Mars as secondary ruler) it is certainly in touch with its masculine side.

Transformation is the result of feeling things down to our core. How could we not change and evolve when we let something in to that degree?

Pluto is a member of the T-Square with Venus and Uranus, and the Moon continues to occult Pluto when it passes through Capricorn. Love, beauty, transformation, r/evolution, action, and responsibility are all at play right here, right now. Could it get any more intense?

I guess we’ll find out!


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