Changes Are Upon Us

This chart fascinates me! First, we have something that is very odd. We have a Grand (Fixed) Cross, which is nearly exact, and entirely retrograde!!! Outer planets only retrograde when they are on the opposite side of the zodiac from the sun; inner planets only when they are near the sun. I do think the … More Changes Are Upon Us

Threshold of Clarity

Years ago, I created an eight-card spread for Tarot readings that I have used for myself and clients ever since. Actually, I should call it an eight-position spread, since I often pull multiple cards for a position. I call it the Guided Solution Spread. [I’ll post it on my site sometime soon.] Position 7, the … More Threshold of Clarity

Oil and Sand

We’ve all seen a variation of this joke regarding how to fix anything: If only life were that simple. Well, this morning, I was thinking about transit Astrology, and I came up with another analogy. Life is like a road trip. In theory, we’re in the driver’s seat. When life is rolling along, we are … More Oil and Sand

Together Again

In New England, the first touches of autumn often come during the end of August. Today, I must say, is the most pleasant and beautiful weather I’ve experienced since arriving nearly three weeks ago. Time, during an experience like this, is strange. It is hard for me to remember what happened on what day. On … More Together Again

A Journey with Dad

On August 18, 2018 at about 2 am in the morning EDT, my dad, Vincent James Tangredi Jr, shed his skin and reemerged with his Higher Self, his inner being, all of his siblings, and many other loved ones. I was lying in bed in the next room at that time. Every summer, I make … More A Journey with Dad